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Fred Burchell with his wife, Laura, & son, Barry, started this project 12 years ago when he heard of "Red Gemsbuck" occuring naturally in very samll groups in remote areas of Namibia. He spent years driving around and collecting these until he eventually built up a herd on his game ranch. This may hark back to his inheritance from his forefathers,

Dr William John Burchell, of whom the descriptions were laid of the Burchell Zebra, Coucal, Tssessebe and numerous other animals and birds.

Fred Burchell then bred this group into a sustainable herd. The remarkable characteristic is that they all bred true. ie. Golden Oryx on Golden Oryx will always give another Golden. Golden on Common will give you either but never a cross breed.




            Dr William Burchell

If Global warming continues the Golden Oryx might flourish more as they have shown a higher tolerance to increased temperatures and lack of water.  


The Golden Oryx is believed (but not yet proven) to be a subspecies of the Gemsbok in southern Africa. It is a rare species of antelope in Africa. They live in a small isolated part of Namibia. Scientists at Onderstepoort University are looking at the genetics of this Oryx and will have more specifics on it very shortly.

 Like the American Bison and Tule Elk, Golden Oryx numbers dwindled to less than one hundred with small isolated herds clinging to remote isolated canyons. Over the past two decades rancher Fred Burchell has rounded up small herds of these Oryxes from these remote canyons in the Namibian desert.

The future is bright for the Golden Oryx. But unlike America where the US Government and Yellowstone National Park spent millions of dollars restoring the bison herds of America, the Burchells' Family will bear the cost of propagating the small but growing herd of Golden Oryx.

                                                    -Larry Weishuhn

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